Sunday, September 2, 2012

Inspired by the Duggars

So, most people probably consider this family "crazy" for having 19 kids (and counting!), but I have watched the show from the beginning and find many things about them inspiring.  Before you consider me crazy, let me explain. :)

First off: faith.  This family lives and breathes their faith.  They are committed to serving the Lord and others. They are genuinely kind to their siblings and all those around them.  They live to be content just where they are in life.  Secondly: Family - obviously they care about family and put them first in their life.  They do not believe in birth control (obviously!), but their reasoning behind it is solid and they are fully capable of financially and emotionally caring for all these children.  Which brings me to point three: finances.  They have no debt.  They are very thrifty and truly believe in being able to support themselves without depending on the government or anyone else.  And most importantly, I have never seen them judge anyone for not living life as they choose to. (Example: their cousin doesn't go to their church and wears jeans, but is still equally accepted and supported in their family.)  This is the most important example they set because a lot of Christians tend to be very judgmental, and hurt more than help others and I have yet to see this family do this.

The point of this post is the episode I was watching the other night.  The older girls were discussing courting and getting married and if they wanted to be married.  Jill said the best thing I have heard in awhile.  (Yes, I watch it enough to know their names - at least the girls :)  She said it is important to be content in your current place in life, or you will never be content in a marriage.  Always seeking the "next thing" will never make you happy.  I am so bad at this.  I couldn't wait to be done with school.  Now, I am and I want a new job.  I want to be married because I don't like being single.  But I know marriage is not perfect and I should enjoy being single and childless and appreciate the random naps I get to take and the fact that I can have cereal for dinner if I want b/c I don't have to cook for anyone else.  So, my goal right now is to learn how to be content right now.  I will continue to look for a new job, but I really want to focus on just being happy with my day to day life as it is.  This means doing things that make me happy each day.  If my apartment is a mess - clean it up!  If I don't feel happy with my body - go work out.  If I'm lonely - call a friend!  Don't just lay here depressed thinking about all the things I wish I had.  And, I really want to work on having a good prayer life.  I think this is one of the most important things because how else do you talk to God?  So, that is how the Duggars inspired me this week.  You may love them, hate them, or think they or nuts... but to me, they are an inspiration and I am so glad they share their life and morals with the world each week. :)