Tuesday, January 18, 2011


1. I got accepted to school... yay me. I start in March. Let's all say a prayer this year goes fast. :)
2. I'm working out again! Well, I've gone three times in the last week and a half, which is more than I've been in the last three months so it's a start!
3. I had salad with chicken and a baked potato for dinner. I wanted chips, but I'm on my way to eating healthy again.
4. I worked my shower into my evening schedule early so now I can relax all night.
5. I need to fill out the FAFSA but I can't find my 2009 taxes. :( I was so good about putting them in a safe place. My mom calls a safe place the place she put anything she can no longer find. I've apparently inherited this gene as much as I fought against it.
6. I am happily wearing my BSU booties tonight. :)
7. I love Big Love... this show fascinates me.
8. I have been having a super hard time at work. There is too much work and I'm trying to hire someone else, but my boss still wants everything done RIGHT NOW! Today was the first day I think she saw that I really do have A LOT to do and I am trying my best to get it all done. It's all I can do not to scream... PLEASE SEE THAT I'M NOT A SLACKER! APPRECIATE ME!!
9. I am hoping this is my year for love. :)
10. I stopped teaching Sunday school because I was feeling a bit burnt out.
11. I stopped going to counseling to save money as well as to see if I could do it on my own for awhile. Feel free to pray for that too! :)
12. I got sooo many good books for Christmas. I can hardly read fast enough.

That's pretty much all for now... here's the BSU booties I was talking about.

Oh, and although I have no real opinion on sports... I am a Wisconsin girl and no one is born in Wisconsin without loving their Pack... so I hope the Packers win the playoffs and go to the super bowl! Woohoo! :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Eve 2010

This was the first year in a few years I was not celebrating the end of a horrible relationship... apparently my year off from men has had some good side affects. :) I went over to the Brems to see my best friend Shakira and hand out with her and her fam. I love them all so much. Her sister and husband and two kids just moved back from Colorado and I am so glad they are all here in Washington again. This is just the most fun family to hang out with... are you jealous yet? You should be. I don't laugh more with anyone else (except maybe my own fam) than I do with this one! We headed over to the Silverdale bowling alley... really didn't expect to run into anyone I knew there, but I did... sometimes this city is just like Boise, everywhere you go you run into someone you know. (Not a bad thing... it's just kind of funny!) Or maybe I just know sooo many people I can't help but knowing peeps where ever I go. Haha... I doubt it's that.

Anyways... bowling was fun. They had karaoke and Shakira's niece Kiana sang. She is the sweetest girl... I just love that she is back too. Probably the coolest 11 year old I know! :) Here's a vid of her singing. Apparently it's a Selena Gomez song, but I didn't know it. Too precious!
Here are the scores of our first game... notice my first frame... I was shocked to come out on top...although 94 is not exactly brag-worthy!
Here is a pic of me and Shakira... can't wait till little Liam is born in February!
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I hope 2011 is fabulous for us all! :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas 2010

We went to church on Christmas eve as we usually do and then came home and took our annual Christmas pic. I was setting up the camera to make sure I had the right angle. I didn't think much of it until I went through the pictures later and here is what I found... I censored it for her protection.

Hahahaha... my mom sent this out to family and close friends with the caption... You know you're a redneck if...
Your mom's on the toilet in the background of your Christmas pic!

Oh I love my family! Here is the finished pic both with the animals and without. My cat does not like my mom's dog so wrangling those two was a bit of a challenge but we made it work!
We also really know how to entertain ourselves here in the Hintz Household... my mom can get her dog to howl if she does. I, of course, had to take a video which you can find below. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you had a great holiday! :)

Christmas Cruise

The 'rents came up for Christmas this year as they usually do. I was SUPER busy and stressed with work so the first couple days were a little difficult, but once I was officially on vacay and we all talked about how we had frustrated each other life was smooth sailing again. It's hard having three people with very different personalities in my little apartment. We went on an Argosy Christmas tour... if you are in Seattle DON'T DO IT! :) You know those ugly Christmas sweater parties they have? Well, I always wonder who actually buys/wears these sweaters. All of those people were on this boat! :) Haha... they give you a box dinner which you eat on your lap b/c they have crammed soooo many people into one boat. After about 30 minutes, the allure of being on a boat passed and it just got a bit boring. Then they sing Christmas carols... that part was fun EXCEPT that they project the singing out to the shore so the microphones are super sensitive. You couldn't talk or move... my dad got the dirtiest look when he moved his drink and the ice shifted in his cup... geez! But then they had trivia and my dad won a free cruise in the sound! Honestly, the Argosy dinner tours are probably really cool, but the Christmas version is a bit cheesy. We all tried to make the best of it and actually laughed a lot on the trip.

Here are some pics of the cruise...

Here is us on the top deck... it was a really nice night, so that was a plus!

Here is my cute mom jingling her keys as they asked us to do while singing jingle bells... in her own words... "It doesn't take much for me to have fun!"

Boats followed along with us and they were all covered in lights... it was really pretty.

I was playing with my camera and got this pic... it's the moon and the houses lit up on the hills we passed.

Here is me and my step-dad on the back of the boat