Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sounders Game and 88 Keys

A couple weeks ago my good friend Nicole invited me to a Sounders game. I had never been, and I'm not really a big soccer fan. But, I do like live sporting events because I love cheering, I love drinking (sorry mom), and I love hanging out with good friends! Luckily, her hubby let me wear a Sounders scarf so I fit right in. :)

Here is us at the game
Here is me, Nicole and her husband, Andy
I have about 13 pics of flags, trying to get the perfect angle... it was a mission and this was the best one... okay, so I'm not a pro photographer :)
This is us all ready to go out to 88 Keys... a dueling piano bar that you should all go to if you visit Seattle... it's so fun!
Nicole, me and Natalie... thank you to Natalie for setting it all up for us to go out! Next time, come get ready with us too! :)

It was a really fun night out. I even met a hot guy... and then found out he lives in Nebraska. :( Story of my life... maybe one day the love game will work out for me. Until then I will just enjoy good times with my great girlfriends!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Just Another Reason I Love Taylor Swift...

So, I'm watching the VMA's Revealed on MTV right now. They just talked about Taylor Swift's live performance right after douche bag Kanye shoved her and took her microphone telling the world that Beyonce deserved her award. So, the subway part of her performance was pre-taped, and they had to keep their energy high for the taping. I guess there were a lot of technical difficulties and they had been filming for hours and were all tired. Well, Taylor was the one who went out and just talked to all her fans, gave them hugs, really bonded with them all not just because she is amazing but to help them keep their spirits up for the shoot. The producers then asked that same group of people back to be at the live show. They did not have a live feed of what was happening at the show but the producers clued them in. I guess they were shocked and as soon as they saw Taylor they began cheering for her. She obviously had found friends in them all as she was just so kind to them a few weeks prior. I will forever love Taylor Swift. I loved her since I heard "Tim McGraw", then bought her first CD and fell in love again, and everytime I learn more about her, I love her even more. She is one of a kind, and I am so proud to call myself a Taylor Swift fan! Here's some pics from the last time she was in Seattle! I will for sure be there next time she is here! New CD drops October 25th!!!

Love Story

She came around to the other side, so we could all get a close look!

Singing my favorite song... You're Not Sorry

Have I mentioned I love this girl?