Sunday, January 25, 2015


My massage therapist told me I should start journaling and I thought when do I have the time?  But I thought I'd get some quick thoughts out since I never use this thing, but wish I did.  I'm back in school.  This is where all my time is going, but I love it.  Have I found my passion?  I hope so!  I love what I am learning about but sheesh these teachers give a lot of homework.  And the ones that don't just base it off of four tests that cover all the information in the text.  All of it.  It's a lot of work.  I only work 20 hours a week now, so you think I would have plenty of time, but somehow there just never seems to be enough!  I'm making it work though!

Anyone know any great single guys? Yeah, me neither.  This single things a real bust.  But I guess it gives me time to focus on school. :)  If you happen to know one send him my way, because I'm pretty amazing and he'd probably think so too. :)

I found this amazing church here that I love. Rock Harbor.  If you are looking for a great church come check it out!  I serve in the 2-3 room on Sunday and I love it!  When the kids learn their memory verses instead of just following me, I am so proud!  They are all so sweet! :)  We are doing a Bible study on Wednesday mornings as well and I love that!  It is so fun to get together with other women and just talk about this crazy journey we call life.

Tanning - Sun!  The sun needs to come back because no one wants a tan!  :)  But as soon as that sun peaks out you all better come see me because this working part time biz means no money for me plus doesn't everyone want a healthy glow for spring and summer???  You know you do! :)

I am doing P90x3 again.  With my madre!  About to start week 4 and so proud of us both.  She does not work out and modifies a ton so I am so glad she is doing it and I needed to get off my bum and get back in gear so it is nice to have a partner.  Well that is all for now.  I have to go take a quiz and do a thousand more assignments and study!

Oh, and why did I see a massage therapist?  I have TMJ, and apparently there are massage people who specialize in the back/neck/face to loosen up those muscles.  If anyone has issues with this let me know b/c I had chronic jaw pain (mostly in my ear which felt like a constant earache and was really fun!).  My dentist recommended her, and I was sure I would have to go multiple times to even feel some relief.  Nope.  One time and the pain is gone.  Miracle worker I tell you.  And totally reasonably priced (or maybe I am still used to Seattle prices).  So, that is why I took her journaling advice.  Anyways, I will go back b/c she is amaze-balls, and I want to keep the pain away but it's been over a week and I am still pain free.  So happy! :)