Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kate's Wedding

In the hopes of not completely neglecting my blog... I have to post about one of my oldest and dearest friend's wedding.  I have known Kate since 8th grade.  We met at church and then both went to Meridian together.  But, we both had totally different friends.  She was on the dance team, and as we all know I cannot dance. :)  I drank in high school, she did not.  However, we had church as a common bond and we did a lot of amazing things together... mission trips to Mexico, anyone?  Yes please!!  Then, we went to SPU together and the fun continued.  Then she left Seattle (and me!) to go to grad school in so-Cal... and it was there she met her hubby to be! :)  I blogged about meeting him here!  Since he seemed like a decent guy... I let him propose. :)  J/K... I had nothing to do with it! :)

So, anyways... she got married on October 15th, and to say she was a beautiful bride would be an understatement!  She looked flawless and could not stop smiling! :)  I was so happy for her!  Here are some pics from the day... sorry there are not more!  It is super hard to be in the wedding and take pics!

Ready to go!
Kate and her Aunt
Kate and Aubrey

Kate and Me :)

Mother in law, Kate, and her Mom :)

Sisters (in law :)!

This is what happens when you give my mom a camera... blurry pics... but still cute

Dancing with her daddy...
Kate, you are one of my most favorite people and I am so glad I got to celebrate this day with you!  I wish you and Adam all the best because you only deserve the best!  Love you!