Saturday, May 21, 2011

Post 100 - Update! :)

Wow... 100 posts! Who would have thought I had so much to say... hahaha... anyone who knows me knows I am never lacking in things to say! Surprised, I'm not already at 1000!

Here's what's up...

I'm still working out each morning, and - SHOCKER - I actually like it! The days I take off I am more tired and have a harder time concentrating at work. Crazy! I bought a cute new duffle bag to hold my morning life (makeup, flat iron, shampoo, conditioner, razor, etc...). I love it and it makes working out more fun.

Work sucks! And not in the usual way. Our office manager is sick again (don't smoke people!). Which means I have twice the workload. That and school have been a bit overwhelming. Plus, another one of my employees moved to another department. So, essentially, 3 of us are now doing the work of 5... I love small companies.

School is going alright. I actually understood stuff today better than the guy next to me and actually got to help him! (It's usually the other way around.) I felt so smart. :) And, like I was no longer a total mooch. Finals are over by June 12th I think. Yay for a break!

I got new tires for my car. I'm all ready for my road trip to my friend's wedding in Montana. My other good friend is getting married and I'm going to be a bridesmaid! Yay... I am really excited for her wedding, because I know it will be really fun. The reception is at the Crystal Ballroom for all you Boiseans who know where that is.

I miss having a life. Getting to read the books I like, hanging out with friends, etc. (The tire purchase has contributed to the lack of social life as well... why do they have to be so expensive???) But yay me for not using credit and slowly but surely paying off this debt. (Well, credit card debt... I'm racking up school debt by the day here, but I find that less stressful than credit card debt!)

Life is busy busy busy, but luckily the world didn't end so I can just keep on pursuing my goals! My current goals right now... Keep working out, finish school and pay off debt! Wish me luck!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

This Week

This week was crazy. But the good news is... I worked out three times!! Yay! I am turning over a new leaf and doing the impossible. WAKING UP EARLY! Haha... I am not a morning person. My dad has to call me and make sure I'm getting out of bed (at my request of course). 5:40 I get up... get to the gym by 6:20 work out till 7:50 and am at work by 8:30. It actually has been quite nice.

School was amazing today. I actually understood what we were doing!!! Haha. I never thought that would happen. And, turns out the guy I've been sitting next to is the CFO of Matador. Umm, hello! I freakin love that place! I had to tone down my excitement, but I should have been born a Mexican because me and their food are BFF. And add a red wine Sangria (which I don't drink anywhere but Matador), and I am practically in Heaven. (Just add a cute guy. :)

Speaking of guys, I am still happily single. I am actually thankful not to have a boyfriend while I am doing school because I have no time. I am such a lame-oh. Saturday night and I am working on my case study (well, currently I am blogging, but that's up next). It will be worth it though. I am heading to Boise for a whole week in June (won't say when exactly so no one robs me while I'm away after reading this. Haha, what would they take?) If you want to see me, let me know. I will have ample time. I will be in touch with all my regulars, so don't worry. :) My friend, Nicole is coming with me for a couple days. We are going to float the river, pass the llama farm by my house, smell the manure. :) Just kidding. I do love going home to Idaho and all those things take me back, so please don't think I am making fun. :)

Time to do some homework now... talk about PROCRASTINATION, but it will get done. It always does! Oh and can you tell all my meds are working? Haha... it sure makes for a happier me.

Monday, May 2, 2011


I feel fat and ugly again. Boo. I am so up and down. But do I want to get off my booty and work out? Not really. I am so busy with school, it's hard to work out after work. But, I am horrible at waking up early too. Today though, I tried to do homework and while I finally picked a topic, I have not started working on it at all. I am blogging now instead of reading the chapter. It is soooo hard to stay focused. My dad (who is a crazy early bird) is going to start calling me at 5 to get this extra large booty out of bed. The sun was out this weekend and it was almost 70 here in Seattle. I feel so pale I'm practically clear. Can't wait to shine some love on my skin aka the sun, which is love to my skin.

I loved the royal wedding. I loved her dress, how naturally gorgeous Kate was and that it was so religious. I forget the Queen is in charge of the Anglican church, so of course it would be a religious wedding. I love how in love they both are. That is the most rare of it all. They found a kindred spirit in each other. I don't think she married a prince, she simply married her love, William. And, with all the divorce piling up in that family, I hope their love reigns true and they are able to love and support each other till death do them part.

One of my oldest friends just got engaged! Congrats to Kate and Adam. You two are going to have a fabulous life together.

I really don't want to talk about politics on my blog, but for the sake of history, Osama Bin Laden is no longer a threat to us. I am thankful for our troops and for the dedication they have made to our country. I will not celebrate a death, no matter how horrible a person is. It feels unnatural to me and so I will only say I am grateful to be an American. I am thankful for freedom and I am truly grateful to our armed forces who keep our freedom a reality and have given so much of themselves for our country. These people I will celebrate. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I am currently obsessed with this girl. Jana Kramer. I love country music (thanks to my friend Annie from high school... I started out teasing her about her love for country... I was from Milwaukee and it was not "cool" there in 7th grade... but my teasing turned to love when she introduced me to Faith Hill and her song "This Kiss". From then on country and I were inseparable.)

I am wishing school was over, but know I have a lot more to learn. A little over a month left! Off to read now.