Wednesday, March 31, 2010

She's Back!

I love tanning! I forgot how amazing it is. And none of that spray tan shit... I want the real deal. Laying in the hot bed with the lights blaring and the fan on high. So, I guess the "real" real deal would be the sun, but let's face it... I live in Seattle! The sun is few and far between here. In fact we have had freezing rain the last few days. Now, don't get me wrong. I love the rain. I don't need the sun... in fact since the good ol' days at Roaring Springs the sun kind of hurts my eyes. So, while I love our gorgeous summers here, I do not at all mind the gloomy fall through spring... or so I thought.

They opened a Desert Sun near my house recently. I used to go all the time when I lived in Queen Anne. But, it just got to be too much of a journey for the 12 minutes of peace. I didn't even realize my need for some vitamin D until I stopped in today. (Luckily, I still have some tans left in a package from when I used to tan weekly, so it was essentially free.) It was AMAZING. I was going to go buy some frozen yogurt which isn't exactly in my meal plan but I needed something sweet! I walked out of the bed feeling like a whole new person. I was energized, excited, and didn't need any extra treats! I even came home and painted my toe nails (yep... something I have not done in FOREVER either, my friend Shakira would be so disappointed).

So, while a lot of you may not think that tanning is the best way to spend your time, I say it's better then being sad and pale! I just really did not even know I was not as happy as I could be. So, all that to say... I'm back! Did not even know I had gone anywhere, but now I know how to fix it. And don't worry, I'll be sure to stop before I look like this:

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Light Rail Ticket

So, for those of you who don't know, Seattle finally finished the light rail and now it goes all the way from downtown to the airport. Back in February, I decided to take it for the first time to save money and not have to inconvenience any of my friends in having to drive me. I was told a ticket costs $2.50. So, I went down to the tunnel and bought my ticket from the computer. It only cost $1.75, and I thought, well maybe the other person I talked to got a round trip ticket. I got on and was about 20 minutes out of town when the security guards came around checking tickets. I gladly handed them mine, and they were like, "Are you going to the airport?" (Yes, captain obvious, that is why I have my suitcase, I thought to myself.) But, I smiled and simply said, "Yes." He handed the ticket to the other security guard and asked for my license. I handed it to him, thinking, this is weird, but maybe my name is on the ticket, and he needs to know I bought it? (Dumb, I know, but I still had no idea I purchased the wrong fare.) The security guard he handed the ticket to, was like, "This is not good, you only got a ticket to go to the stop after where you purchased the ticket!" I was like, "Really? I'm so sorry, I had no idea!" They were like, "We have to escort you off at the next stop and you will need to buy a new ticket."

So, like a criminal, they escorted me off the train, and hovered over me as I bought my new ticket. For those of you who don't know me, I am a rule follower. I hate breaking the rules so much, I'm a little bit of an extremist about it. So, as I am buying my new ticket I start to cry because I am just so overwhelmed by the situation, and I just did not want to be accused of trying to cheat the system. They told me I would be getting a ticket in the mail (when he had my license he had taken a picture of it.) Anyways, through tears, I said, "I just don't understand why I am going to get a ticket for making a mistake!" One of the security guards said, "Well, you can fight it in court!"

So... a few weeks passed and I got my ticket... for $124!!! 124 dollars for a 75 cent mistake! Unreal. So, I contested it and went to court yesterday. My dad is a lawyer, I work at a law firm, but aside from youth court back in high school and one take your daughter to work day, I have never been in a courtroom and I have never had to defend myself in front of a judge! Needless to say I was a bit terrified. But I got there and was called second. When someone else was called first, I was like, oh good, I can see how this goes before my turn. She walked up, and the judge said the cop left no notes, case dismissed. Ahhh! It was over. No example. Then, he called me. I walked up, silently praying mine would be dismissed too. Unfortunately, my security guards had left plenty of notes. I sat there in silence as he read what had happened.

My dad had said, make sure you say your honor and explain why you are there first. He forgot to mention I would have to raise my right hand and pledge to tell the truth. And of course after he read the notes, the first thing the judge said was, "Please raise your right hand." Okay, so I am awful at left and right (ask ANYONE who knows me!) So, I paused and in my head was like, I can't discreetly do the "L's"! After what felt like forever, I was like, pick one! So, I was like okay right hand, hmmm... you use it to write, oh thank you mom for teaching me that! :) So, I raised my right hand. By this point, I think the judge was starting to think I was either slow, deaf, or didn't speak english. Then he said, "Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?" Oh no, I thought, I had not practiced a response to the question either. What do I say? "Yes?" or "I will." I told you I was scared! I panicked and said, "I do?" Yes, question mark. As if asking as I'm saying it, "Is that how I'm supposed to respond?" I don't know why I said it like I was getting married! And, it probably sounded like I was saying it as in "I'll try," since I said it like a question. But oh well, that was over.

So, I said "Good morning, your honor." Oh good, I thought... remembered that line. I kind of explained what happened. I was so nervous. I told him I am not denying I made a mistake, but it was not intentional, and I just felt like $124 was a little steep for a $.75 mistake. He said, well you won't have to pay $124, you will have to pay $50, and this will not appear on your record." Pretty sure my dumb ass said, "I'll take it," and he banged his gavel. Then he said, "The clerk will help you out." I stood up, knowing it was over, but didn't know where to go! I was scared to say anything more, so I whispered, "Umm, where do I go?" He pointed to the lady next to him, and said, "The clerk will assist you." I said, "Okay, thanks!" So embarrassing. And if he sounded mean, he really wasn't. Just direct and too the point, but he was kind.

So, yes, $50 is a bit much for such a small mistake, but at least it's over. And, it was less than what it was originally! Oh, man, I never want to go to court again. I'm pretty sure I'll never have to. So, if you ever need a ride to or from the airport call me, and I will be there for ya! Anything I can do to save someone from some unneeded drama! :) Or, if any of you decide to ride the light rail, make sure to read all the instructions carefully. It is not worth it to make a mistake! :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Progress/Girl's Night

We had our weigh in today and I am down almost 4 more pounds. Decent progress since I damn near threw out my butt! As for an update on that it is doing better. I still have to ice it post work out, but it is mending well.

This weekend we had a girl's night in. Dinner party! Please enjoy my spread below. And, it was all healthy and within my meal plan. The only thing missing is the salmon skewers which were amazing.

I am starting to plan my trip to Cali in July... it's really going to happen! I also want to go to my friend Kira's baby shower in Boise in April. Where is the rainbow with the pot of gold when you need it? (Best I could come up with considering we just had St. Patty's day.)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness!

So, I am not into basketball at all. Let's face it, I am not really into any sports (except tennis, but it is not one of the big "hype" sports). And, if the post below gives you any hint at all I am also not good at any sports... once again except tennis, but I rarely get to play these days. But, no matter how little I care about basketball the March Madness office pool always sucks me in, and I begin to act like a true fan! I even turn the game on at home every once in awhile... and enters my favorites! Truthfully, I could care less who wins, but whether or not I am winning. I am doing okay so far. I was really rooting (I had to think about how to spell rooting as I rarely root for anything! :) for UTEP, but Butler came through on that one. I did have the Murray State upset, so that was good! Anyways, it's only day one. Last year I came in third, so apparently I have some decent guessing skills.

Anyways, good luck to anyone else who is in a March Madness pool... unless of course you picked the opposite team as me... then it's on! :) J/K

I worked out today for the first time post-fall. I did 20 minutes on the elliptical, some stationary rows, and tricep work. I feel okay for now and hope I am healing quickly! I will do a much longer workout tomorrow. Weigh in on Tuesday!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And She's Down for the Count

I woke up early to work out with my trainer today. I ate breakfast, got to the gym, ran for a mile to warm up and was all ready to go. We began with step ups on the bench, (which are literally one foot on the bench and you step up with the other foot). 15 times, switch legs. Then we did squat shuffles down and back, jumping jacks, rotating planks, crunches and finally kettleball swings. All was well until set three. I guess I was tired but half way through a step up, my ankle went out (I have weak ankles) and down I went... straight onto my tailbone. Can we say, "Ouch?" Not to mention, the sheer embarassment I felt for crashing into the ground during my workout! Anyways, I didn't hurt my back (thank you Lord!) and as I have been icing it today, it seems to be doing better. Anyways, this was the best picture I could come up with to sort of explain my morning. The good news is, it only hurts when I move. :) Sitting, standing, and laying are great, so I am glad I can at least get comfy! I am doing some light cardio on Thursday as luckily tomorrow was my off day anyways! I hope this does not deture my progress, as I still really want to get as close to 35 pounds as possible. Wish me luck!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Probably TMI... keep reading at your own risk!

I had lunch downtown with one of my best friends today, and decided I would do a little shopping afterward. I have noticed my need for some new underwear lately and then remembered I had a card for free underwear from Victoria's Secret when I spent $10. I love their "Pink" collection ever since I had to switch to "full butt's" as I like to call them. I had to switch for personal reasons, if you really want to know feel free to leave a comment, but let's just say things are more comfortable down there since I switched. (Not that I didn't love my thongs, and I still have not gotten rid of them as I just cannot part with them!) Anyways, they had their 5 for $25 underwear deal as they usually do. I know it's not the best deal and I usually try to hit up their semi annual sales, but I missed it this January and I really needed the new panties now! :) I also found a great pair of pajamas. I am the girl who sleeps in oversized t-shirts, so when I found this t-shirt dress, I thought "Perfect!" It was on sale for $10, which was also a selling point. (Probably because it is not very sexy.) So, I am posting my first picture of me. This is 11.4 lbs in, and I still am working at my weight so keep an open mind. Also know that I still want to drop about 40 more lbs. Alright, enough excuses... here I am! And below find my new panties as well. I love the one that validates my perfection! :) I will have a good day each time I put those on!

P.S. the pink ones on the left were my free ones... yay!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cutest Puppy in the World!

I've been way too busy! My mom was in town this weekend and the counseling appointment was actually not that bad! We had a great time together, and most importantly she brought her puppy Charlie. I am not gonna lie... I'm obsessed with him. I might have to get one just like him one day.

Have you fallen in love yet? :)

We had our week 6 weigh in and it was not as great as the last two. I have only lost .4 lbs! But, in my defense I only worked out about 6 or 7 of the 14 days and I did not stick to my meal plan as strictly as I had been prior. So, it was actually an incouragement that I did not gain weight, but maintained my weight, as that is the eventual goal... Maintenance! So, I am not disappointed, but I am really excited to get back to the gym tomorrow. I worked out Tuesday and today was my "me" day. These next two weeks have the words "NO EXCUSES" written all over them. Wish me luck! :)