Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Party!

This Saturday we had our work holiday party. It was a lot of fun. We got free drinks (I might have had a couple too many!) and got to bowl or play pool. Oh, and there was lots of yummy food. Here is Dylan and Natalie... one of my most favorite couples. :)

And me and Natalie :)

Here is Nicole and I drinking some Reisling :)
Oh yeah... that's my bum... I am an awesome bowler. Haha j/k... I am horrible... but it is still fun!
Nicole won the drawing! Yay Nicole... maybe she'll let me be her date. :)

All in all it was a great night... I love my ofice and am so blessed to be surrounded by such great people every day!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Pre-Christmas Festivity

I never thought I was very artistic or crafty growing up. I was never very good at art (even though my mom disagrees). But I love love love making cards. Here are a few from last year. I don't have pics from the ones I am making this year, but I may post them later. I made all my cards for the staff at work last year. I also started in November. :) I don't know if I'll have time this year because I have been super busy, but we'll see. I think it's a pride thing, since I did it once I want to do it again, but I'm also trying to be realistic. Wish me luck... or help me to be humbled and know that maybe my pride could take a hit. :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Most who read this may not care... but 3 weeks is a long time for me to not update my blog. I try not to go longer than a week. I read someone's blog who said it's hard to update if you don't have kids, aren't traveling and really don't have much to talk about. That is rarely me... the not having something to talk about part.

Honestly... I've been going through a tough time. Not b/c of me, but a friend of mine is making some choices I don't agree with. No big deal, right? Get over it, Jess. But, we work together and her choices were affecting me and the other employees. To be kind and fair to my friend I am not going to air her dirty laundry on my blog... that wouldn't be very nice. Anyways, shit hit the fan on Friday and people found out about the situation.

Honestly, though, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I don't like secrets and lies. Who does? I felt like this big secret was a huge rift between all of us at work. It was awful! And, not that I talk about the situation, but I'm not forced to lie to anyone anymore. And keeping secrets is basically lying to people.

And it's over. She may still be doing her thing, but it doesn't affect me anymore. I don't agree with it, but I'm still going to be her friend. When people make choices I don't understand, I try to remind myself, I probably don't know the whole story. I love my friends, and until you hurt me, I will always stand by your side. Even if you hurt me, that is what forgiveness is for. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a pushover. I may not forget what happened, but I can move past it if you ask me. And, I think that is important. I am still learning about friendship and what I am looking for in my close friends. I try really hard to surround myself with good people. I find myself being a lot happier when those around me are positive people, who want to live good, happy lives. It sounds silly, but I've met a lot of people who thrive on drama. But, high school is over, and drama is not cool anymore.

All that to say, I'm back. I even felt like I couldn't really talk about life on here in case she read it. This whole secret has consumed me for the last few weeks because it was wrecking so many things at work. But, I don't care anymore. The secret's out. It's not my secret and if she reads this that's okay. My blog isn't private because this is me. I make no apologies for who I am. (Unless, I am doing something bad, or really screwing up and need to apologize.) This is my outlet, my online journal and whoever reads it, makes that choice. If you don't like it, don't read it.

Also, if you have a private blog... I am not against them. I don't have kids to protect... it's just me. I may one day feel like I should have a private blog, but for now, there's nothing to worry about. (Although, my mom would probably disagree. :) Okay, done rambling... sorry to bore those who read this... just had to get this out.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back to School

I'm going back to school! Or, at least I applied to go back to school. Something, I NEVER thought I would do. I did well in school. I never disliked school, but I hated studying and being forced to learn a lot of random stuff I didn't really care about. So, when I graduated from college I remember being so glad I would never have to study for another test again! The classes I hated most while in college... accounting and economics. What am I going back to school for? An undergrad accounting certificate to fulfill the accounting credits I need to take the CPA exam. WHAT???? Not only am I going back to school, but I am going back to do classes in the field I was worst at!

Haha... isn't that how life works. When I got my first "real" job they wanted to promote me to the accounting department. I declined and quit (for other reasons). I worked at a hair salon because my dream was to open my own salon and spa one day. I was going to get some experience, go to beauty school and get started on opening my own. I lasted one whole year at the salon. I hated almost everything about it. (My best friend Shakira and I say that our friendship is the ONLY good thing that we took from that place.) I hated the superficiality, the fakeness, the emphasis that beauty is only found in how you look, what you where and how big your diamond is. Oh, and of course how well your hair is kept... color/foil every 4-6 weeks to make sure your hair is root free. Granted, my hair was fab... but my heart was broken. I just never felt good enough. And aside from a few unique people this was the accepted atmosphere: Look good=you are good.

BUT, while I was there, they offered me a job handling their money. I learned a lot and when I started to look for a new job, the recruiter I went through suggested we look in the accounting area. I felt like I had been pushing to stay away from that area. I quit the first job, the second job got my feet wet, but did not really convince me I should dive into the accounting world. It sounded so boring. But she said the one thing that encouraged me... in a bad economy like we have now and had in 2008, there were jobs in this field. Enter my second interview the recruiter got me at Robinson Tait. It was a law firm. My dad is a lawyer and I had no desire to be in the legal field. It was in the billing department. Once again, not interested, but let's see where it goes.

I fell in love from the moment I stepped into the office. I just had such a good vibe about the place. I wanted the job so bad!!! So, when they called me with an offer the next day, I immediately took it! I started the next week. That was almost two and a half years ago. I started as the Accounting assistant (which just meant I did almost all the billing). They were really far behind and I got them caught up on three months of overdue billing in just three weeks... I'm not bragging, but explaining the realization I got: I was good at this! I loved the challenge. Everytime I got a little bored they would say, we are going to give you more work. Today I am the supervisor of the accounting department. That's right: department! I have two people working with me doing the job I started all by myself. I love it. And, learning that I love it made me want to get my CPA.

So, all that to say that I love the crazy roads life takes you on. I wish I could carry my success and optimism in my professional life to my personal life, but I'm working on it. All this has also taught me to never say never. Unless you like having to eat your words... cause I'm eating mine now. :) But I am really excited to get started. And, this is just the beginning of this journey because taking the CPA exam will be a feat in and of itself, but one step at a time right? So, although I won't be getting another degree and won't wear one of these again, this is one of my favorite graduation pictures and I can't wait to feel like this again. :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Story...

I went in for my procedure last Tuesday. I got all checked in... said bye to my mumsy and headed into the "room". Changed into the sexy gown, made sure to hold it shut so the world wouldn't see my bum as they did when I was in the hospital ten years ago... but that's another story. :) I got the IV in and laid down on the hospital bed as they prepped for the procedure. I was going to be consciously sedated during the procedure. They started the meds and got working. I was having an ERCP. They go down the throat with a camera and then pull out the gall stone. Well, apparently they did not keep my meds high enough because 10 minutes into it I was way more conscious than sedated! I started to sit up, felt all the appliances in my throat started freaking out saying "UUUUNNNGGGHH" or something like that since my throat was clogged with tools. They said, "We're almost done, we're almost done!" and upped my meds and I was back out. OMG... traumatizing. I was happy to wake up and see the doctor. He said, "It went well, but we couldn't find the stone." I'm sorry, "What?" I went through all that FOR NOTHING??? He's like, "Maybe you passed it." Oh, so you don't even know? Wow...

So, after all that they still know very little. My side still hurts sporadically and I get to pay the bill for an unnecessary procedure. FABULOUS. But seriously, I am glad I am okay and all went well. It was just a really random few days. Here is what it probably looked like on my insides. Enjoy the nastiness below. :)

Monday, November 8, 2010


Tomorrow I am having surgery to remove a gall stone. I have been in pain since last week Sunday, so I am ready to have this out. It is a minimally invasive surgery that they do through my throat. Sounds pretty cool if you ask me and I only have to stay in the hospital overnight. I am super busy at work, so I just need to get back to that asap. I think I am a bit of a workaholic b/c I think about it way too much. I just like everything to get done and when I can't it stresses me out! Anyways, wish me luck!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Not Good At This

I hate dating... I'm no good at it. I'm 27 and I'm not looking for a fling. I want a relationship. I want a commitment. I hate playing games. I'm gonna be honest with you, please just be honest with me. I'm probably still single because I don't play these games. Girls like bad boys... but a lot of the time, the good guys are just as used to dating the bad girls that when a good one comes along they just don't want to stick with it. They want the bad girl because that's what they are used to. I hate it. I just want the prince on the white horse to come carry me a way. Tell me he loves me. And mean it.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

New York, New York!

The past week I went to New Jersey and New York to visit my best friend Shakira's little brother. He goes to the Westpoint prep school in Tinton Falls. It was a really fun trip, and people in New Jersey really say "yous". We had some of the craziest cab drivers. Our favorites were Bobby K and Bobby C. Bobby C crammed 5 of us into his cab and started filling out some paper work while driving. Finally, he said, "Oh I guess I could do that later." Thank God, we all thought. Then he got a phone call, and proceeded to talk to his "Baby." We are flying down the street and he sees a cop. "Hold on, baby," he says, "Last thing I need is a ticket." He slams on the breaks and sets the phone down as we pass the cop. OMG! Scariest cab ride ever. We practically kissed the ground when we arrived. Oh, and Bobby K, our first cab driver offered to hump our luggage. Yes, you read that right. He kept saying it, and while we realized he meant carry, none of us could get over the fact that hump does not mean carry over here in the West. Haha. :) Call me immature, but it was funny.

The whole trip was amazing. LJ's (Shakira's little brother) game was really fun and they won! LJ is a great football player and I am excited he gets to continue to play in college.

Here is Shakira and I at the game... it was sooooo windy!

Both teams had to be present to sing Westpoint's alma matter. (LJ is #29)

Here is all of us after the game. Ethan is in the back... he's LJ's best friend. The guy on the right side is Shakira's hubby.

Here is Shakira and I at the Jersey Shore.
This is before I lost my camera...that was the only downside of the trip. I leaned down to touch the Atlantic Ocean and I think it fell out of my pocket. When I came back to see if it was still there, it appeared the Atlantic had already swallowed it up. I replaced it that day, but the new one is not as good... oh well. It's a story, right?
This is my favorite picture of Matt and Shakira... can't wait till there little one is born! :)
Here we all are at Madison Square Garden. Matt, me, Shakira's mom, Laura, and Ethan

The New York Skyline
And again

Part of the city from the ferry that is not photographed as much :)
Shakira, LJ and their mom, Laura... love them!
Me and Shakira... ignore my hair it was windy... and you can see the baby belly :)

On the train to NY/NJ!
Here's a video we made on the way to New York... I never make videos, so since I did I had to share it :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I Hate Sundays

Usually... I do. Sunday means getting up early for church (which I like, just not the getting up early part). Sundays mean laundry, nothing on t.v. but football, sorry, I am just not someone who likes football, unless it's live. I will watch any sport live b/c you get to cheer and let's face it I love to cheer. :) Anyways, Sunday also means going to bed early to get a good start to the week which inevitably starts on Monday.

Today was different, and I was trying to figure out why. I had a great weekend. And, not because it was super social. It was all about my attitude. Today, while I did go to church, did the laundry, get ready for the workweek, I also made sure to focus on myself too. At church, I was present in the Sunday school class and had one of the best weeks in a long time. We have identical triplets in the threes now, who are some of the most precious things you have ever seen. :) I came into the worship room and this little girl Lauren was waving at me, so excited to see me. It was a great feeling. But the best part about my cleaning day was I turned up my music loud (sorry neighbors) and rocked out. I am not ashamed to say that I have mini jam sessions alone in my apartment. I suggest you all do it. It is very cathartic. And, it made me feel ready for Monday. Bring it on.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Why I Love Kids

I called my mom today and the little boy she's taken care of since he was about 2 weeks old, answered the phone. His name is Braden and he is now 8 years old. Here was our conversation, which is why the post is titled as it is.

Braden: Hello.

Me: Hi! How are you?

Braden: Good.

Me: What are you doing?

Braden: Going to McDonald's.

Me: Mmm, sounds good. So, how's school going?

Braden: Good.

Me: (Remembering I had learned all about his new girlfriend on my last visit home.) How's your girlfriend?

Braden: We broke up.

Me: Oh, no, what happened?

Braden: Well, one day she was sick and I didn't want to go by her because I didn't want to get sick. And, then the next day she was out because she was sick. Then, when she came back she said, "Why weren't you nice to me the other day?" I said, "Because I didn't want to get sick." So, we broke up because she didn't like that.

Me: Oh, no, are you okay?

Braden: Yeah.

Me: Do you have a new girlfriend?

Braden: No, but Anna has a new boyfriend.

Me: Wow, that's fast.

Braden: Yeah, that's how Anna is. She breaks up with someone then the next day, she has a new boyfriend. Then breaks up with someone, and then has a new boyfriend.

Me: Oh wow, that's interesting.

Braden: Okay, well Laura (my mom) wants to talk to you now.

Me: Okay, bye Braden.

I then talked to my mom and she said she had no idea all this had happened. We both decided little Anna was quite the girl. :) Oh, I just love these conversations. It's why I love teaching Sunday school. These kids just crack me up. Oh, and the best part about Braden is this story is very him. He's a bit of a germaphobe, so I love that he didn't want to go by his girlfriend b/c she was sick. We'll all know when he really likes someone b/c he brings her soup when she's sick... that will be a big step for him. :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Party :)

All of my favorite people (who live in the Seattle area) were able to get together for my birthday. My work had a party as did the office building we work in, so I was four glasses of wine in when I arrived at my party! Sorry friends. :) But just know, I had a great time. We went to one of my favorite restaurants, Fado. It is an Irish bar, and they have the BEST food. Salmon bites, boxty wedges (basically it's fried pita you dip in cheese: amazing!), a quesadilla like you wouldn't believe... hmm, does it sound like I like food? I do. :)

As much as I started my day a bit depressed to turn 27, I ended the day on a good note. And, not just because of the wine. I am so grateful for my friends, all my facebook messages, my life. I need to really appreciate the little things, so when shitty things come my way, I can be grateful I have the really important things in life. Thanks again to all my friends, both here and across the U.S. I love you all and am so grateful you are a part of my life!

Me and Nicole in the office... remember, 4 glasses of wine, don't judge :)

Dylan and Natalie, one of my most favorite couples :)

Krissy and me... So glad you came out Krissy!

Me and Marissa, this girl has seen me through a lot of birthdays, and I hope it never ends!! Luv ya girl! :)

And here is Shakira and me... and baby boy! Her little baby is growing away in there, and I can't wait to be an auntie! I love this girl so much, and am so glad she came all the way from Bremerton to celebrate my day. :)

Sunday was my actual birthday. Here was how I spent my day.
Enjoyed myself a Dexter Marathon, I love this show!
And, bought myself a couple birthday presents: Cheesecake and a gossip mag... looks like 27 won't be such a bad year! :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Birthday Celebrations

I am celebrating my birthday today! I really had to be coerced into it as I am not very excited to turn another year older. I wish I was married, or at least had a boyfriend. I wish I was married so I could be pregnant or already have a baby. I wish I was done with the extra year of school and had my CPA. I wish, I wish, I wish. But, in all reality, that is not my life right now. I am trying really hard to be okay with that. I put on a pink dress today and did my hair and makeup. I very much look the part of the girl who is having a birthday. Yay! :) I will have a good day, and an even better evening. I will appreciate my friends and know they love me and I love them, and for now that is more than I could ever ask for. Pictures to come later. :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sounders Game and 88 Keys

A couple weeks ago my good friend Nicole invited me to a Sounders game. I had never been, and I'm not really a big soccer fan. But, I do like live sporting events because I love cheering, I love drinking (sorry mom), and I love hanging out with good friends! Luckily, her hubby let me wear a Sounders scarf so I fit right in. :)

Here is us at the game
Here is me, Nicole and her husband, Andy
I have about 13 pics of flags, trying to get the perfect angle... it was a mission and this was the best one... okay, so I'm not a pro photographer :)
This is us all ready to go out to 88 Keys... a dueling piano bar that you should all go to if you visit Seattle... it's so fun!
Nicole, me and Natalie... thank you to Natalie for setting it all up for us to go out! Next time, come get ready with us too! :)

It was a really fun night out. I even met a hot guy... and then found out he lives in Nebraska. :( Story of my life... maybe one day the love game will work out for me. Until then I will just enjoy good times with my great girlfriends!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Just Another Reason I Love Taylor Swift...

So, I'm watching the VMA's Revealed on MTV right now. They just talked about Taylor Swift's live performance right after douche bag Kanye shoved her and took her microphone telling the world that Beyonce deserved her award. So, the subway part of her performance was pre-taped, and they had to keep their energy high for the taping. I guess there were a lot of technical difficulties and they had been filming for hours and were all tired. Well, Taylor was the one who went out and just talked to all her fans, gave them hugs, really bonded with them all not just because she is amazing but to help them keep their spirits up for the shoot. The producers then asked that same group of people back to be at the live show. They did not have a live feed of what was happening at the show but the producers clued them in. I guess they were shocked and as soon as they saw Taylor they began cheering for her. She obviously had found friends in them all as she was just so kind to them a few weeks prior. I will forever love Taylor Swift. I loved her since I heard "Tim McGraw", then bought her first CD and fell in love again, and everytime I learn more about her, I love her even more. She is one of a kind, and I am so proud to call myself a Taylor Swift fan! Here's some pics from the last time she was in Seattle! I will for sure be there next time she is here! New CD drops October 25th!!!

Love Story

She came around to the other side, so we could all get a close look!

Singing my favorite song... You're Not Sorry

Have I mentioned I love this girl?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Trip Home to Boise!!!

I'm back from Boise... did you even know I was gone? I had an amazing time! I got to see my friend Kira's baby, Emma. And, I got to see my friend Annie's baby, Trey. They were both so cute!!! Annie let me hold Trey for two hours. I was in Heaven! :) I love catching up with old friends... there's nothing like hanging out with people who have known you since you've had braces! :) I also got to catch up with my good friend, Joe. We were such good friends in middle school/high school, I am so glad he still puts up with me after all these years! :) Thanks to all the amazing people I got to see this weekend for making my trip home just great! I also got to hang out with my fabulous parents. We went to see The Scarlett Pimpernel at the Starlight Mountain Theatre in Crouch. If you live in Idaho and have a chance to go to a play there, do it! The actors are soo talented and I have loved every play I've seen there. This play was especially good (aside from the smell of smoke since the mountains were on fire the whole time we were up there!) Today, my mom and I went to the MK Nature Center. Basically, the whole trip was amazing, but I am happy to be back home in Seattle with my lovely Tiramisu. :)
Me and my amazing friend, Kira :)
My mom and I at the play
My lovely parents :)
The fawn at the MK Nature center... so cute!
Kind of blurry, but still cute
Peaking over at me
Such a pretty area!
The fish through the glass
Yeah, that's my reflection taking the pic :)
Ignore the crazy girl obsessed with the camera and look at the huge fish! :)
So, I thought this was the giant sturgeon they advertise...
Until I saw this guy! I only got a pic of half of him!
And this is what I like to call "Classic Idaho"

Now, I am sure some people may be offended by my statement, but it is my blog, and in my opinion it's the truth. I just love the church symbol as well as the bash on Obama... love thy neighbor, shall we? Not that I am one to judge b/c as we all know politics and religion are just not things you should argue about, if you want to keep your friends, well friends. :) But I had to share it. All in all I love Boise. I love my friends there. I love all the summer activities, and I love my family. Boise will always be in my heart, and I am glad I lived there for 5 1/2 years. :)