Monday, August 26, 2013

Another Day... another date

I should start blogging about my dating life as it is quite entertaining.  I think I may be too picky, but honestly, I know what I am looking for.  Decent looking, wants a family, likes animals (I want a dog!), makes a decent living (don't need to be rich, but don't want you working at Mickey D's), and likes me.  But, really, I am a blast so anyone would be crazy not to like me.  (I am also really sarcastic!) :)

Anyways, I am pretty sure I always choose Mexican restaurants b/c if the date sucks, I at least get a good meal.  Tonight was no different.  The food was great.  Chipotle salmon tacos!  Yum.  Now, if I am talking about the food this much, you know the date wasn't so hot. :)  He was very nice.  But, he talked a lot about his love of guns (literally 30 minutes about all the different kinds of guns) and how crazy his ex wife was.  I mean, yes, I asked if he shared custody of his kid, but still.  Also, his parents have custody of his kid and he sees him on the weekends.  Am I crazy?  Or is that strange?  Let me know if I am being too picky.

I was telling someone recently that I was all excited to go out with a new friend of mine b/c her boyfriend was bringing some friends.  Come to find out they are all 24 and their idea of a night out STARTS with 5 shots!  Wow - I haven't drank like that since I was, well, probably 24!  :)  And, that was probably the last year I did it!  Maybe 25, but it's been a long time since I got really drunk!  I drink my glass or two of wine and am happy!  No need for more and when I work out I try not to drink b/c I don't need the calories.  All this to say, what am I doing wrong?  Anything?  Do I just keep dating in hopes for Mr. Right?  Am I being too picky?  I don't even know if anyone reads this, but feel free to comment!  I am really not trying to complain at all.  My standards may be too high!  I am open to hearing that!  :)  It is true that I hate dating.  I just want to get to that comfortable, hang out in your sweats stage and then every once and a while get dolled up and go out on real "dates" together.  I hate the whole nervous, What should we talk about?  Is he going to kiss me?  I hope not, I don't want him to! craziness.  Anyways, I'm off to bed.  Just got a text - he wants to hang out again.  We'll see... In other news, I have another date on Friday, so maybe I will just blog about my dating life!  :)  At least if it sucks, maybe it will be entertaining to others?? :)

What I look like on the outside :)

How I feel about dating on the inside :)  

Color Run

My amazing fitness group "Buff Beauties" decided to do the color run in Boise this year.  So fun!  I have never done a "real" run where you get a number and everything!  This was a great way to start out.  I have to admit though, I had slacked a little before I went on working out.  But, worse than that was the smoke from the fires nearby.  I am pretty sure I have asthma because whenever I run I have to pay close attention to my breathing and take deep breaths or I can't keep going.  Well my deep breaths weren't working in the smoke and I could hardly run a mile!  Embarrassing!  This happened to me with the smog in LA a few years ago and I was in really good shape back then!  I didn't want to blame the smoke too much and seem like a whiner, though.  Luckily, the ladies were okay to walk a bit.  (Thank you!)  Here are some pics.  It was a blast and next time I am going to train better so I can run the whole thing.  PS - if it reminds anyone of gay pride parade - well you are not alone!  Definitely felt like we were part of a pride parade with all the colors and crazy outfits!  (Not trying to be rude - just saying if you have ever seen a pride parade it looked a lot like this!)

 Here we all are!  Patty, Megan, Me, Brittany, and Kami

Megan, Kami, and Patty

Finished!!  And all full of color!

Kami and Brittany - during the finale when we throw our packets and dance around.

Me - all full of color!

Here is the collage I made during my flight home - there was a lot of turbulence so I had to entertain myself so I could calm down (might have thought the plane was going down a few times!)

P.S. We are starting up with P90X again in September and I cannot wait.  These women are so encouraging and it is such a great group to be a part of!  If you want to join in let me know!