Monday, August 30, 2010

Trip Home to Boise!!!

I'm back from Boise... did you even know I was gone? I had an amazing time! I got to see my friend Kira's baby, Emma. And, I got to see my friend Annie's baby, Trey. They were both so cute!!! Annie let me hold Trey for two hours. I was in Heaven! :) I love catching up with old friends... there's nothing like hanging out with people who have known you since you've had braces! :) I also got to catch up with my good friend, Joe. We were such good friends in middle school/high school, I am so glad he still puts up with me after all these years! :) Thanks to all the amazing people I got to see this weekend for making my trip home just great! I also got to hang out with my fabulous parents. We went to see The Scarlett Pimpernel at the Starlight Mountain Theatre in Crouch. If you live in Idaho and have a chance to go to a play there, do it! The actors are soo talented and I have loved every play I've seen there. This play was especially good (aside from the smell of smoke since the mountains were on fire the whole time we were up there!) Today, my mom and I went to the MK Nature Center. Basically, the whole trip was amazing, but I am happy to be back home in Seattle with my lovely Tiramisu. :)
Me and my amazing friend, Kira :)
My mom and I at the play
My lovely parents :)
The fawn at the MK Nature center... so cute!
Kind of blurry, but still cute
Peaking over at me
Such a pretty area!
The fish through the glass
Yeah, that's my reflection taking the pic :)
Ignore the crazy girl obsessed with the camera and look at the huge fish! :)
So, I thought this was the giant sturgeon they advertise...
Until I saw this guy! I only got a pic of half of him!
And this is what I like to call "Classic Idaho"

Now, I am sure some people may be offended by my statement, but it is my blog, and in my opinion it's the truth. I just love the church symbol as well as the bash on Obama... love thy neighbor, shall we? Not that I am one to judge b/c as we all know politics and religion are just not things you should argue about, if you want to keep your friends, well friends. :) But I had to share it. All in all I love Boise. I love my friends there. I love all the summer activities, and I love my family. Boise will always be in my heart, and I am glad I lived there for 5 1/2 years. :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I Am Loving...

This Book!

Read it! Love it! Live it! :) Whatever you do, enjoy it. It is such an amazing story and so relatable. I mean who hasn't struggled with depression, relationships, living in the moment, truly knowing how to be happy just being where you are right now. I know, I have had some issues with that. I am in the "India" portion right now, and excited to see what this section brings. Italy was a great story, but she eats so much, it made me kind of hungry the whole time. :) Hoping this portion of the book doesn't make me want to eat so much... hey, maybe that's why I've gained a few pounds this week? Haha, j/k...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Crazy Cat Lady

Call me that if you will, but to be fair, I have yet to post anything about the love of my life, Miss Tiramisu. Yes, and she has the best name ever. She is the sweetest little kitty ever, only she's about 5 now, so really not a kitty at all anymore. She is a little scared of, well, life, but she is fine when she is just around me. She doesn't like loud noises, fast movements, men, the outside and big animals. All these things scare her. She is literally the epitome of a "scaredy-cat". She does, however, love to lay on the bath mat, watch the birds, try to catch flying insects that have made their way into my apartment, and of course snuggle. I love her more than words and would ask that she please never leave me. :)

Next to my bed, another favorite spot of hers, she loves to kick off my cell phone so she has enough room to perch.
All snuggled on top of the covers
Looking at me on the floor while she is on the chair, she probably thinks I'm crazy, but don't most animals think we humans are nuts? :)

The Going Ons

So, my life has been pretty boring lately, so I'll update you on all the amazing things going on with the great people I get to surround myself with. :)

This pretty lady, my besty from high school, Annie, just had her first baby! Trey Parker came on Friday weighing 9lbs 9oz. I can't wait to meet him in person when I head back to B-town in the end of August! I don't have any pictures of him yet, but he's got cute parents, so I'm sure he's a handsome little devil :)

My other besty, Shakira, found out she was pregnant awhile ago. She is now 13 weeks, so I can finally talk about it! She wanted to make it through the first trimester first. I got her a coach diaper bag when I was down in LA. I broke the no present rule before the first trimester is over, but I think she forgave me. :)

This is not the real thing, just a pic I got off the internet, but you get the idea.

My office building had a fire on Thursday, so we got a surprise three day weekend. However, I have sooo much work to do, it wasn't the best time for a break! Our suite didn't have any water damage, so we are back to work tomorrow, running on a generator!
We moved into our new suite on Thursday two weeks ago, and we used our small waste baskets and recycle bins to carry our cords, keyboards, phones, etc. Well, the cleaning crew came through that night and THREW ALL OUR STUFF AWAY!!! Now, I understand it was in a recycle bin or trash bin, however, it was pretty clear they were being used as storage and not garbage. The cleaning crew even called their supervisor and said, we are throwing a lot of stuff away, and the supervisor said, "If it is in the garbage, it is garbage, so throw it out!" Not, maybe we should wait a day and see if it's still there tomorrow!

So, after a few thousand dollars later, we are up and running again, to only have a fire now, too! They say bad things happen in threes, so let's see what happens next. If we could have something that seems bad, but is really good, that would be great. :)