Monday, June 7, 2010

Story Tellin'

I'm going to start telling some of my stories on here... cause let's face it, I have been told my life could be a reality show... and maybe someone will read it and want to follow me around with a camera... Hopefully, that person gives me a big paycheck and a show, and doessn't just end up being a STALKER! :)

But seriously... here is my first story.

A couple summers ago I went with my parents to visit my aunt and uncle in Montana. They live in a small town. It didn't even have cell service. Now, it's not like I'm miss city girl being from Meridian, Idaho, but we had cell towers! And, I have lived in Seattle for eight years now, so I am not used to small towns anymore (at least this small). Anyways, not complaining, just setting up the scene for how "out of my element" I was.

My mom kept saying how she wanted to see a bear. I thought she was kidding, until she said it repeatedly, and then I finally asked my uncle, "Do you see bears around here?" Yes, he told me. What? From that moment on, I was terrified to leave the house. BEARS??? There was a bear scare one night during the summer I lived in McCall, and let me tell you I did not leave my cabin from dusk till dawn, literally! And in the morning when I did leave the cabin, I looked every which way to make sure no bears would be sneakin up on me!

So, the fam forced me out of the house and one day we went hiking and it was beautiful. No bears were seen on the hike. Thank God! After the hike, we were all driving back to my uncle's house in my grandpa's van; me, the 'rents, my uncle and grandparents. It was a long trip, and being an only child and having no one my age to talk to, I did the only thing I could think of, and took a nap! Soundly sleeping enjoying the ride, when all of a sudden I am shocked awake to these words...


I bolt up and say the only words, I am thinking, "Shut the fuck up!!!" I don't know about your families, but swearing in my house is about the same as fornicating on the kitchen table. So, at that moment, the car goes silent, and my mom, says, "Jessie!!!! I can't believe you said that!" Well, seriously, who wakes up from a dead sleep to the words, "BEAR" calmly? No one I know! So, there we are pulled over, admiring the bear, while my mom continues to yell at her 25 year old daughter about how disappointed she is that I said the F word. I finally said, "Look mom, I got scared, that's what I said, and it is not a reflection on how you raised me!!" Somehow, everyone else managed to conjure up a laugh and realize I was just a bit freaked out!

So, now I can say I've seen a bear and have sworn like a sailor in front of my entire family. Not a big deal to most, but in my home, it's pretty much up there with the worst things I could do.
Here are some pics from better times on the trip. My uncle is a hunter, so the whole trip was just a whole new experience for me. I'd much rather be at Nordstrom than the woods, so we have a lot in common! :) I love my aunt and uncle so much, though. I love that they are different from me, and because we are family they still have to hang out with me and accept me and all our differences.

At the top of the mountain, right before we saw the infamous bear!

Still can't believe we crossed this!!

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