Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fun Weekend

This past weekend my good friend, Kate, came to visit Seattle. She left the rain for sunny California a few years back and now she has a great job and great boyfriend down there, so it will take a lot to get her back here. Kate and I have known each other since 8th grade. (And considering I only moved to Idaho half-way through 7th grade... that's a long time!) We went to church together, high school together, mission trips to Mexico together, college together...crazy all that we've gone through together. And considering we are VERY different us still being friends is pretty impressive to me.

Anyways... we had a great night out with our friend Krissy and some really good catch up chats (some arguments as well...I told you we were different! Don't worry, we are old enough to agree to disagree and left the weekend with our friendship in tact :)

We found this sweet new restaurant/club in Pacific place called Pink (I love it already). It's very New York... it had sleek white couches, a huge bar, great food (minus Krissy's salad... get the tacos, not the salad if you go!), and the best part a bar in the bathroom! I don't know why things like that are cool, because it is kind of gross, but still cool.
Then we had the most AMAZING chocolate cake at Icon Grill. Another good restaurant you should check out if you are in Seattle.
Kate, me and Krissy at Icon grill
On Saturday while Kate went to a wedding I went to my friend Marissa's birthday. It was at The Pink Door in Post Alley. They have a burlesque show but we didn't stay. Why? Because we were also celebrating my friend Nicole's little sister's birthday.
Here is gorgeous Marissa and me
Why is this guy so excited? Because he just bought Marissa one of the world's biggest shots. :)
Bottoms up! And...adios for the evening :)
After we left The Pink Door we headed to Amber. I love this bar because there are couches (I like couches in bars...maybe because I'm old and never wear heels unless I'm going out and my feet hurt so I want to sit down!) All the couches were reserved that night, though. :( We finally met some boys to talk to, so we weren't just 3 girls wandering around drinking. :) The only downside to the night was that Nicole had to "watch" her little sis because she may have celebrated her birthday a little too hard. :) But all in all it was a good night. And a great weekend altogether.
Here's one of the guys we met... pretty sure he's gay though... whatevs he was nice.
These girls make me feel very tall-Melissa, me and Nicole
And this girl I could not love more! She is so fun and one of the few who loves and accepts my weirdness and is weird right along with me. :)

This weekend I FINALLY get to meet little Liam (my friend Shakira's baby). She ended up in the hospital again last Monday when I was going to go visit (she lives an hour away), so I postponed my trip to this weekend. Luckily she is all better now and I can't wait to hold and love on this little guy! Pictures to come for sure! :)


Kristen said...

That is awesome you and Katie, er, Kate are still such good friends! Sounds like you guys had a blast bar hopping. And can you please get a tutorial from your friend Marissa on how she does that amazing eye make up?! Holy smoky eye! Sorry I didn't return your last ugly rainbow shirt comment last night. My crackberry is acting up again and decided to not let me type out a text anymore. Grrrrrrrr. But keep the Greek comments coming! I love it!

Kristen said...

I meant to write get a tutorial for me on how she does her eye make up. I just realized without the "for me" part it sounds kind of rude. And also just for the record I would have to agree that guy is definitely gay. All the good looking ones are! :)

Jessica said...

Haha... I didn't think you were rude at all! I know Marissa has some make up skills! I can ask her to send me the colors she uses if you want. As for the shading just zoom in and follow her pattern... I do it with magazines all the time and it's pretty simple. That's when I where eye makeup... which is definitely not an everyday occurance! I'm on chapter 5 of Greek... there's 20 eps! So, excited b/c I was sad to be nearing the end. :)

Bobby, Aubrey, and Coop said...

So the top picture of you three makes me think of Katie's 21st birthday!!! I had so much fun staying with you guys! I hope all is well, and next time you are in Boise you will have to let me know I would love to see you.