Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Girlfriends :)

I think one of the most amazing things God has given us in this life is good girl friends.  (If you are a girl... the reverse for guys.)  You know the kind of friends where no topic is off limits, no laugh is too loud or too long, and the kind you can pick up with right where you left off everytime you see them.  I have been blessed with some of the most amazing girlfriends.  Some live in Boise, some live in Seattle...all are equally amazing and loved by yours truly. :) 

This past trip back to Boise, I got to get together with a group of girls I went to high school with.  I was acquaintances with one, friends with another, and best friends with the third (except for a falling out Junior year, but luckily she forgave me for being a bad friend... I claim being young and ignorant and thinking I knew it all, when really I knew nothing... and am so grateful for her forgiveness when I made the decision to pursue "partying" over true friendship... like I said... what did I know???)  Anyways, the point is we weren't always great friends.  But, now I cannot imagine life without these girls!  They are all such amazing women and I have loved watching them become wives and mothers and hope to one day be part of that club too!

We all went to Flatbread in Meridian... and stayed way passed closing (outside... trying not to wake the town of Meridian with our laughter!)  In fact one husband thought his wife was surely going to turn up in a hospital that night!  (The other hubbies knew that if you hang out with this group of girls... we will talk your ear off all night :)  It was so much fun!  Seriously made me want to move back to Boise and just hang out with these girls all the time!  (Although... with life that is not always the reality, so I will take my time when I can get it!)

These are some of my favorites who live in Boise... seriously... if you don't know these girls - get to!  They are some of the best people I know!  Also, I encourage all of you to invest in your relationships with other girls... you won't regret it!  I only had guy friends for awhile in high school b/c girls were "too catty/jealous".  No... I just didn't realize how great they were! :)  Good friends are the best thing I could ever ask for!  (Besides family... but they kind of have to love you :)


Annie Searcy said...

Oh my gosh! What a sweet post! It was so fun seeing you and honestly takes me right back to all the fun times we had! So many priceless memories! You are a wonderful friend who I am SO lucky to have! I can always count on having fun and getting the best laughs when I am with you! It was such a fun night that we will definitely have to repeat! Love ya!

Kristen said...

Ditto to every single word that Annie said in her comment above!!! I read this post a week ago and have been meaning to comment ever since. That night was so much fun! I think I got a good ab work out in with all the laughing!