Monday, August 26, 2013

Color Run

My amazing fitness group "Buff Beauties" decided to do the color run in Boise this year.  So fun!  I have never done a "real" run where you get a number and everything!  This was a great way to start out.  I have to admit though, I had slacked a little before I went on working out.  But, worse than that was the smoke from the fires nearby.  I am pretty sure I have asthma because whenever I run I have to pay close attention to my breathing and take deep breaths or I can't keep going.  Well my deep breaths weren't working in the smoke and I could hardly run a mile!  Embarrassing!  This happened to me with the smog in LA a few years ago and I was in really good shape back then!  I didn't want to blame the smoke too much and seem like a whiner, though.  Luckily, the ladies were okay to walk a bit.  (Thank you!)  Here are some pics.  It was a blast and next time I am going to train better so I can run the whole thing.  PS - if it reminds anyone of gay pride parade - well you are not alone!  Definitely felt like we were part of a pride parade with all the colors and crazy outfits!  (Not trying to be rude - just saying if you have ever seen a pride parade it looked a lot like this!)

 Here we all are!  Patty, Megan, Me, Brittany, and Kami

Megan, Kami, and Patty

Finished!!  And all full of color!

Kami and Brittany - during the finale when we throw our packets and dance around.

Me - all full of color!

Here is the collage I made during my flight home - there was a lot of turbulence so I had to entertain myself so I could calm down (might have thought the plane was going down a few times!)

P.S. We are starting up with P90X again in September and I cannot wait.  These women are so encouraging and it is such a great group to be a part of!  If you want to join in let me know! 


The Hodgepodges said...

Hi! That's too funny that you guys saw us. We kept wondering why we weren't seeing any other wheel chairs! Oh well it made us stand out! Way to go on your running though, that's awesome!


You go girl!!!!