Monday, August 26, 2013

Another Day... another date

I should start blogging about my dating life as it is quite entertaining.  I think I may be too picky, but honestly, I know what I am looking for.  Decent looking, wants a family, likes animals (I want a dog!), makes a decent living (don't need to be rich, but don't want you working at Mickey D's), and likes me.  But, really, I am a blast so anyone would be crazy not to like me.  (I am also really sarcastic!) :)

Anyways, I am pretty sure I always choose Mexican restaurants b/c if the date sucks, I at least get a good meal.  Tonight was no different.  The food was great.  Chipotle salmon tacos!  Yum.  Now, if I am talking about the food this much, you know the date wasn't so hot. :)  He was very nice.  But, he talked a lot about his love of guns (literally 30 minutes about all the different kinds of guns) and how crazy his ex wife was.  I mean, yes, I asked if he shared custody of his kid, but still.  Also, his parents have custody of his kid and he sees him on the weekends.  Am I crazy?  Or is that strange?  Let me know if I am being too picky.

I was telling someone recently that I was all excited to go out with a new friend of mine b/c her boyfriend was bringing some friends.  Come to find out they are all 24 and their idea of a night out STARTS with 5 shots!  Wow - I haven't drank like that since I was, well, probably 24!  :)  And, that was probably the last year I did it!  Maybe 25, but it's been a long time since I got really drunk!  I drink my glass or two of wine and am happy!  No need for more and when I work out I try not to drink b/c I don't need the calories.  All this to say, what am I doing wrong?  Anything?  Do I just keep dating in hopes for Mr. Right?  Am I being too picky?  I don't even know if anyone reads this, but feel free to comment!  I am really not trying to complain at all.  My standards may be too high!  I am open to hearing that!  :)  It is true that I hate dating.  I just want to get to that comfortable, hang out in your sweats stage and then every once and a while get dolled up and go out on real "dates" together.  I hate the whole nervous, What should we talk about?  Is he going to kiss me?  I hope not, I don't want him to! craziness.  Anyways, I'm off to bed.  Just got a text - he wants to hang out again.  We'll see... In other news, I have another date on Friday, so maybe I will just blog about my dating life!  :)  At least if it sucks, maybe it will be entertaining to others?? :)

What I look like on the outside :)

How I feel about dating on the inside :)  


rachel garber said...

I think you looked great. I always picked Mexican too so at least the food would be good. That's smart thinking!!

My advice: go online. Seriously. It it kind of hilarious and dude, that's how I found Garbs. Plus, I HATED first dates and this way you could weed out the "job interview" type questions you usually talk about and see if it was really worth meeting them in real life. Online is where it's at :)

Kami Satterlee said...

No not having custody is no bueno. He's a goner!haha have you tried online dating? I always think that sounds fun haha. No you aren't picky by those things, I think those are standard!!

Anna Beal said...

Haha! So funny and definitely not too picky!

Kristen said...

Um hello gorgeous hair! Your face says you are feeling questionable about dating, but your hair screams date me! :) That is a smart move on picking Mexican food so you can at least get something good out of the deal if the date is a bust! And no you are definitely not being too picky! I would immediately think something was up if he didn't have custody (even partial) of his child! Red flag!! Not to mention I think if someone can talk about guns (insert video games, etc. here) for longer than they talk about their own offspring it shows where there priorities are.


Ya, you're totally not picky! You gotta have standards. You look pretty :)

Teri said...

You look super cute!! Nope, it is normal to want to have a few standards lol and him not having custody--RUN RUN RUN the other way :) Or rather, his parents having custody is what I would say RUN RUN RUN the other way about. It is too hard to be married, to not love wayyyyyy more about them than you don't love. I wouldn't drop a single one of those standards, the right guy will come and you will know it when he does.