Sunday, July 3, 2011

Maya and Carl's Wedding!!!

Maya is my co-worker. She is one of the sweetest people I know and Nicole and I were so excited to go to her wedding in Livingston, MT. (Specifically at the Yellowstone Valley Lodge.) They were the cutest couple. They were so in love and we got some great pics. The food was amazing. Everyone's speeches made me cry! The band and alcohol were a hit! :) I love me a wedding with dancing and alcohol! I think it's the best way for everyone to have a good time! So glad Maya and Carl found each other. They are the cutest couple and I am so happy for them!!!
All ready to go!

This is how the wedding party arrived! So cute!

The cutest flower girl and ring bearer ever! They did magic tricks for a bunch of the tables!!! So freakin' cute!! **UPDATE** I later learned this little boy proposed to this girl. He then found out she lives in Australia and would be leaving. He cried and cried and could not be consoled until he got some chocolate milk. :) And this is why I love kids. So sweet, so innocent, so adorable.

Walking down the aisle! I cried. :) Isn't she gorgeous!!??

First kiss as husband and wife!

I loved her hair! I had to get a pic!

Picture of their future! :) This was such a cute baby... you just look at her and she smiled! Adorable!!!

Nicole and I took advantage of the gorgeous backdrop for a mini photo shoot. :)

My personal lemonade. :)

The amazing food. I used to hate steak, but this steak was to die for! They also had lamb and salmon. It was a meat lover's dream! :)

Nicole was excited food. She loves food about as much as going to bed on time. Haha. She's a good sport to put up with my constant picture taking. :)

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