Monday, July 4, 2011

My Time in Boise

Sorry for the lack of pics in this post. But I wanted to write about my time anyway. After we went to the wedding we headed over to B-town. :) It was an eight hour drive. Like I said before we stopped at Shoshone Falls. Nicole and I went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse the first night. The second night we went to one of my favorite restaurants: Matador!

We then took a walk downtown (and stopped at Anthropologie), and then around the Greenbelt. Downtown is sooo much better then when I was in high school! It is so cute and has all the best stores now! I would consider moving back as the shopping has gotten so much better!!! The dress I got below is from this cutest boutique in Eagle! The woman who owns it is from Calabasis and sees the Kardashian's all the time. (Bonus for the celebrity obsessed me! :) She gets new stuff daily and goes to LA every two weeks to find new items. Have I sold you on this store yet? Well, here is the best part... REASONABLE prices. $40-$50 jeans. Cute, affordable tops and jewelery. My dress was only $30... loves it!!! It's called Club One Three 16 and it's near Rembrandt's coffee shop.

Here is my dad and I in front of the Capital building.

Here is the capital building... I've never taken a pic of this before! :)

My mom insisted we head to this furniture store on Chinden. We were a little tired and decided to sit down. :)

The perks of heading home... my mom paints my toenails. :) I love that so much.

Nicole and I also headed to Roaring Springs. It was sooo crowded and it was only a Tuesday! I left with a fab tan and a bit of a burn. :) Nicole left on Tuesday evening. I then hung out with two of my most favorite people... Annie and Kristen. Kristen did my hair and now that I'm tan I look so hot with my blonde hair. Hahahaha... I hope you all know I'm kidding. My hair is fab, though..... thank you so much Kristen! Annie and I had lunch with her son, Trey at Goodwood. I was scared I wouldn't like the food b/c I am not a huge BBQ fan, but she suggested this salad that was amaze-balls! Loves it! I had a blast with them both and I was sad to come back to Seattle. I also don't want to go back to work tomorrow, but such is life! I start school again on Saturday... and have had a fabulous break! Only four more quarters! (And the last quarter only has one class! That will be a breeze!)

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Annie Searcy said...

So glad you visited and that we got to spend time with you! I never fail to laugh when I'm with you! Always puts a smile on my face! Hope you have a good week at school and at work. Can't wait for our next visit!