Sunday, July 3, 2011

Road Trip!!!

We took off Friday the 24th at 5 pm (well with traffic we didn't get out of Seattle till 6!) Nicole and I were headed on a roadtrip to Livingston, MT for our coworkers wedding. After a quick stop in Issaquah for gas and then Ellensburg two hours later for dinner at Taco Bell we were well on our way! (It was a road have to eat bad food! :)

Here we are at Taco Bell

On the road! :)
Nicole is an excellent driver. I'm okay... We rocked the "Fuckus" (we called it that all weekend)... sorry mom. This was my rental car because I got in a car accident a week ago. (Ugh... bad day for me. Luckily, I have rental with my insurance for up to $20 bucks a day, so I only had to pay $6 bucks a day for this beast!) Back to the car. I am sorry for all of you who own a Ford Focus. This car sucks. You accelerate and it makes all the noises like it is trying to accelerate, but you are still sitting next to the car you're passing! The steering wheel was super sensitive. A little shift and you were on the side of the road. Ahhhh!! Also, I couldn't figure out the side mirrors till the trip back to Seattle!!! Good grief!! But it was good times. Nicole is quite the road trip partner... until midnight. Then she hits a wall and starts talking gibberish. It was hysterical... well for me. :)

We made it to Missoula, MT at 3 am their time... only to find out the hotel we had booked was over booked! Funny story, they said! In the words of Nicole, "It's 3 am, I don't want a funny story I want a bed!" They had reserved us a room down the road, "On them!" they said. It damn well better be! :) Actually, I wasn't really upset. I just thought, whatever, at least we have somewhere to go. However, Nicole was pissed! Don't mess with that girl's sleep when it's 5 hours past her bedtime. :)

We got a couple hours sleep and got up and were on the road at 10 am the next day. (Go us!) We made it to the wedding and had an amazing time (that will be the next post).

On Sunday, we completed our crazy road trip by heading to Boise, my hometown (technically Meridian, but you get it). :) We stopped at Shoshone Falls, which I have never been to. Paid the $3 to get in the park (I love how affordable everything is in Idaho!) We got some good pics, but the one of us was horrible. The mom taking the pic damn near accosted her son to get out of our pic, but neglected to advise me my hair was jacked up. I'll post it for memories sake.

See what I mean? Who doesn't tell someone they've got some hair issues?? I would have thanked her b/c this could have been a cute pic!! Oh well :)

The water was a little much for my outlet mall camera. (I'm still mourning the loss of my Canon that fell in the Atlantic last year... tear) :(

I am glad the camera was able to pick up the rainbow though! I love rainbows. :)

We saw this poor sap on the way to Shoshone falls. I think his alignment is a bit off because this is how he drove down the straight road.

Ahhh... we finally made it to my parents house and had dinner that night at Texas Roadhouse. I freakin love that place. And their margaritas are to die for and a well deserved treat after our 8 hour trip. Random... I ran into my ex and his fam that night at dinner. Luckily it was a good ex who I still consider a friend (there are some exes I would have ducked behind a booth if I had seen them... immature? Maybe... do I care?... not so much. :) Anyways, I stuck my hand out to his wife and said, "Hi, I'm Jessica." "I'm his wife," was her reply. Listen you, I dated this kid 10 years ago when we were still in high school! There is no need to be jealous or snippy, I am happy he's an EX boyfriend. Grrrr... some girls just piss me off. Anyways... I hope I never do that to any of my (future) husband's exes. I mean, it's Boise... when do you not run into someone you know? It is a lot classier to be polite than possessive... just sayin'...

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