Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Got a New Job!!

I can't believe I haven't posted about this yet, but I have been super busy!  I got a job as a bookkeeper at a property management company.  I start February 27th and I am so excited.  It is more money and way more related to what I want to be doing (accounting - you know that thing I'm going to school for :).  I cannot wait to start.  I think it will be a great challenge for me and the best part is I get to throw up the deuces to my current job.  Hallelujah!! :)

I went to Idaho this past weekend to see the BF and have a pre Valentine's celebration.  We got couples massages which were amazing and he got me a Nook.  (Does my boyfriend know me or what?)  For those who don't know me I am a book worm!  I love to read and am always lugging around a huge book in my purse (because I am too impatient to wait till it comes out in paperback!)  This is a great investment in my wallet (new books are cheaper on the Nook) and in my future chiropractor appointments I get to avoid by not lugging around a 20 lb purse. :)  I got him a new cell phone because his old one kept sending random text messages and I was sick of trying to figure out if they were old or new. :)  A little selfish maybe but he was happy to get a new phone as well.  It was a great weekend and I can't wait till we get to be together all the time!  (Oh yeah... probably gonna move back there in the summer... not 100% and I know I just got a new job here, but it's looking like that will be best for both of us.)  So... everyone start looking for a good job for me there. :)  J/K.  I am going to enjoy the one I have here for now.  Yay!  It's always nice when things start to falling into place again! :)


rachel garber said...

Yay for a new job! I'm glad you have something that you don't dread going to everyday!

Satterlees said...

Hooray to Piecing out your old job!:)
Move to Idaho and we can have play dates:)