Sunday, October 20, 2013


This year was my 30th birthday!!  I wanted to do something fun with my girlfriends, mainly so I could forget the fact that I'm 30!  :)  Really, though, it's not so bad.  We went to Vegas.  My goal was to literally lay out the entire time and go out at night.  But with 3 other girls, that wasn't their vision. :)  Some wanted to walk the strip and see other things - I could have stayed the whole time in our hotel.  (Mandalay Bay and we upgraded to a suite at THE hotel.)  It had everything!  3 pools, a lazy river, a sandy beach, a spa, multiple restaurants, shopping galore, seriously, I could have stayed there the whole time and been happy.

So, I did get a migraine the first day which went to the second and I finally had a prescription sent to the CVS on the strip.  (In my fantasy trip - this would have been my only trip out!:)  Our suite had an amazing tub and that night the girls were also tired so I got a bath ball at Lush (amazing store - check it out if you haven't been), and soothed all my troubles away - while watching Seinfeld b/c yes the bathroom had a TV.  That was my favorite night b/c we all relaxed and my friends got to chat with their hubby's and kids and I was just so thankful for my friends and where I am in life right now.

It's taken me a long time to be okay with being single.  Yes, I want a boyfriend, and eventually a husband, blah blah blah, but I am happy with who I am and where I am right now.  I didn't feel good this weekend and I got to come home and sleep on Friday and not have to worry about anything but myself.  I have learned how important it is to appreciate each season of life.  And right now, I am dating some, but truthfully, I am just working hard and accomplishing some things that are important to me (paying off debt, getting in shape -sort of - that's a tough one / constant struggle for me, but I am still working on it, and investing in my friendships).  Anyways, I literally dreaded the last few years as it put me closer to 30, but now that it's here, I don't know what I was so scared of because I love where I am right now! :)  Here are some fun Vegas pics!

Shakira and I by the pool - I was hoping to leave her color :) - it didn't happen :)

Paradise - one of the 3 pools at Mandalay Bay

All dressed up for my bday!!!

Out and about on the strip - this is Little Trinity - she has her own facebook page. :)  Also, for those who don't know me I love animals.  All animals - especially ones that are exciting to hold like this one and snakes - I love snakes.  Only the big ones though, not garter snakes and nothing that can poison me... so maybe I don't love ALL animals :)   But I love this one.

After drinking almost this whole slushy (yes it had alcohol), I thought it would be funny to share with this stone dog.  I realize it's not so funny anymore :)

All dressed up for our last night in Vegas at Hakkasan.  

Which looks a lot like the symbol for Kardashian Kollection... wonder if they are involved??  Kris Jenner is trying to take over the world...

Natalie and I all dolled up

Shakira and I all ready to dance!
Kate and I all ready to go! :)
Dancing with my girls!!  Wooh!!! 

And my Friday night delight - haha not the most traditional Vegas Friday night, but I loved every second of it!

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rachel garber said...

Dude, I hear you on the acne. I swear the pill has been the only thing that has kept my face clear!

Secondly - so jealous of your trip!! I keep telling Ryan that when I turn 30 in March, it'll be freaking cold and I'll be pissy and miserable so we'd better go somewhere fun. We'll see what happens but I'm glad you had such a good day! (and for the record, I would have laid pool side with you and hung out in the hotel the whole time too. I'm so not a Vegas person . . .)