Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dan + Shay

If you like country music and don't know these guys - you will!  I love them!!  I got to go to a meet and greet and their concert in Seattle last week.   (They will be here in Boise on the 25th - get your tickets!)  I had already purchased the tickets before I left Seattle and I was not going to miss them.  I love meet and greets and any opportunity to meet celebrities.  Musicians especially because I LOVE live music.  It's probably where most of my money goes because I am always down for a good concert.  Here are some pics and a video!  
 Dan, Me and Shay
 Dan, Kate, Shay and Me
 Kate and I getting photo bombed by one of Dan and Shay's tour mates :)
 Singing their hearts out - we were so close I actually felt awkward :)
Nothin' Like You - one of my fav songs - it's what they are singing above

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