Monday, September 22, 2014

I'm Back!!!

Oh this title means so many things!!!  I am back to blogging number 1!  And, I'm back in Boise!  Yay!  I'm also back to a routine (somewhat), and all settled in here at home.  That's right!  Back at the ol' parents pad!  :)  So thankful for this though because I can pay off some debt and start things off right here in Idaho.  However, I do still need a job, so I haven't paid off much debt yet! :)  I am just trusting God to help work things out and to humble me if I do have to ask for some (hopefully VERY short term) help from my parents.  Meanwhile,  my tanning biz is all set up here, so if anyone needs a tan I am running a special for $20!!!  Let me know if you are interested.

I am hoping to go back to school in January for nursing.  Not 100% sure on that yet, but we will see! :)  I actually have a few more things to blog about so I will be updating again soon!  And if anyone wants to hang out let me know.  I am so excited to be back here!
This is us caravaning back home!  I'm in the front my dad is in the Budget truck and my mom is driving their car and taking pictures. :) Love my family and so grateful for their help in getting me back to Idaho safely!!  Seattle friends I miss and love you all, and will be visiting soon!!! XOXO 

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