Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I Got a Job!!

My old company is awesome because they are national and even though they don't have a location here in Boise, I was offered a position on another team where I can work remotely!  I will never be late to work again! :)  I start Friday and this is such an answer to prayers because I am trying to pay off debt (one reason I am living with my parents) and two the job market here in Boise is very different and I was going to take a huge pay cut to work here in another position.  (And since my goal is to pay off debt that was going to add on extra time that I would prefer to avoid.)  I am pretty sure I will be going to school starting in January.  I really do want to be a nurse and despite the back and forth on not wanting to give up a couple more years of my life to school I think this is the best choice for me.

I have a great workout set up in my garage so if anyone is doing any fitness challenges I would love to join in!  I have yet to use it, but will be later today!  (To be fair I set it up then went back to Seattle for a few days for a concert.)  I am so thankful to be back here in Boise and to have the chance to be here with my family.  As crazy as it sounds I am actually enjoying living here, which I did not think would be the case!  I knew coming back here was the right decision, but I didn't realize how quickly I would adjust and find so much joy and happiness.  I am so grateful for that!

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