Saturday, April 24, 2010

Never Eating Pizza Again!!!


So... I forgot my lunch yesterday. As you all know I have been working out trying to lose weight and eating super healthy. Well, we had pizza at our office yesterday for lunch and like, I said before I had forgotten to pack one. Yay... free lunch, I thought. I had two pieces of pizza and enjoyed every minute of it.

The day went on, I worked out, and got ready for bed. As I was heading to bed I started having sharp pains in my lower abdomin. I have had friends go to the hospital for gas pains, and never understood how it could hurt that bad... gas is clearly gas. Oh, how I get it now! It was soooo painful. I even took my temperature because I know you usually have a fever if you are having an appendicitis. No fever, took some Gas-X and went to bed.

Or tried too... I had to lay in the same position until I fell asleep. Then I would wake up every couple hours because I was in so much pain. It was horrible! I thought I would wake up and life would be good. NO SUCH LUCK!

Today at work, I could barely walk it hurt so bad. And, it's not like I can announce, well I am having gas pains... please leave me alone! I had a training session, and I had to tell my trainer so we would not be doing a lot of jumping. She is so funny... she just says, "Oh, I've had gas all day because I ate bad yesterday!"

Too funny... so the good news is, I literally CAN'T eat bad food anymore. Love my chicken, love my whole grains, love my veggies... hate greasy pizza. But, in good news... I am still losing weight, and now have a new motivation to eat healthy!

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