Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I finished in the top ten!!! Eighth place for this girl and almost 19 pounds lighter! Now, I still have about 20 lbs to go, I have a new goal which is to drop it by June 22nd (or sooner) as that is when my friend is doing a half marathon. She is training for that, and we are going to help each other stay motivated.

I can't wait to get started again. I took last night and today off from working out and eating healthy. I start working out again tomorrow and will start my healthy eating on Friday... as I have some leftovers from today to finish tomorrow. :) Yay!!! Here are the final results!!!

Biggest Loser

Weigh-in Results

Final Day 90
Name Lbs Lost %Weight Lost Trainer

1 Dan McLaughlin 49.8 18.15% Arielle V

2 Patrick Higgins 40.4 17.50% Shane

3 Audrey Patterson 29.2 14.13% Sara

4 Takele Taffesse 22.8 12.47% Shane

5 Kyle Grass 32.2 11.86% Chris

6 Erica White 16.6 10.67% Sara

7 Ken Cusack 23.6 9.78% Chris

8 Jessica Hintz 18.6 9.62% Sara

9 Kellie Devera 11.6 8.92% Brad

10 Karen Lunna 20.6 8.82% Chris

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