Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week Two Weigh In

We had our weigh in's today and I've lost 4.2 pounds. Woohoo! They set goals for us to tell us were we should be to reach our goals. I am 2 pounds off, so not too bad. I did not know about this, and if I had I probably would not have had 4 rolls at Texas Roadhouse this weekend...then again, I probably still would have. :) So, I have to lose 9 pounds in the next two weeks. It seems a little crazy, but considering I pretty much took this whole weekend off and still managed 4 pounds, I might just be able to do it. My trainer is having a boot camp this weekend and I am sure that will help. The 50 pound goal is not my contest goal. The contest goal is only 35, which I think is much more attainable. The last 15 pounds will be my goal post contest, and my motivation is spending time with my two favorite cousins in LA this summer. I cannot wait! We always have so much fun together and I have literally avoided going down there for fear of showing off my fat ass! But not anymore! California here I come... in six months. :)

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