Saturday, March 13, 2010

Probably TMI... keep reading at your own risk!

I had lunch downtown with one of my best friends today, and decided I would do a little shopping afterward. I have noticed my need for some new underwear lately and then remembered I had a card for free underwear from Victoria's Secret when I spent $10. I love their "Pink" collection ever since I had to switch to "full butt's" as I like to call them. I had to switch for personal reasons, if you really want to know feel free to leave a comment, but let's just say things are more comfortable down there since I switched. (Not that I didn't love my thongs, and I still have not gotten rid of them as I just cannot part with them!) Anyways, they had their 5 for $25 underwear deal as they usually do. I know it's not the best deal and I usually try to hit up their semi annual sales, but I missed it this January and I really needed the new panties now! :) I also found a great pair of pajamas. I am the girl who sleeps in oversized t-shirts, so when I found this t-shirt dress, I thought "Perfect!" It was on sale for $10, which was also a selling point. (Probably because it is not very sexy.) So, I am posting my first picture of me. This is 11.4 lbs in, and I still am working at my weight so keep an open mind. Also know that I still want to drop about 40 more lbs. Alright, enough excuses... here I am! And below find my new panties as well. I love the one that validates my perfection! :) I will have a good day each time I put those on!

P.S. the pink ones on the left were my free ones... yay!

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the Kprows! said...

Nice undies! I switched to "full butts" when I was pregnant and thought I would hate them since I hadn't worn that kind in years. But surprise, surprise I loved them! Granted, the ones I was wearing were more like granny panties and definitely not in the realm of sexy whatsoever, but they were sooooooooo comfortable! Now I think I may never go back, although I did end up buying some prettier ones. No need for them to go up to my belly button when I'm not prego, right?! :) Love everything Victoria Secret. Your dress is way cute and you look fantastic! Hope your tailbone is feeling better have it's meeting with the floor. Ouch!