Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Progress/Girl's Night

We had our weigh in today and I am down almost 4 more pounds. Decent progress since I damn near threw out my butt! As for an update on that it is doing better. I still have to ice it post work out, but it is mending well.

This weekend we had a girl's night in. Dinner party! Please enjoy my spread below. And, it was all healthy and within my meal plan. The only thing missing is the salmon skewers which were amazing.

I am starting to plan my trip to Cali in July... it's really going to happen! I also want to go to my friend Kira's baby shower in Boise in April. Where is the rainbow with the pot of gold when you need it? (Best I could come up with considering we just had St. Patty's day.)

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