Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness!

So, I am not into basketball at all. Let's face it, I am not really into any sports (except tennis, but it is not one of the big "hype" sports). And, if the post below gives you any hint at all I am also not good at any sports... once again except tennis, but I rarely get to play these days. But, no matter how little I care about basketball the March Madness office pool always sucks me in, and I begin to act like a true fan! I even turn the game on at home every once in awhile... and enters my favorites! Truthfully, I could care less who wins, but whether or not I am winning. I am doing okay so far. I was really rooting (I had to think about how to spell rooting as I rarely root for anything! :) for UTEP, but Butler came through on that one. I did have the Murray State upset, so that was good! Anyways, it's only day one. Last year I came in third, so apparently I have some decent guessing skills.

Anyways, good luck to anyone else who is in a March Madness pool... unless of course you picked the opposite team as me... then it's on! :) J/K

I worked out today for the first time post-fall. I did 20 minutes on the elliptical, some stationary rows, and tricep work. I feel okay for now and hope I am healing quickly! I will do a much longer workout tomorrow. Weigh in on Tuesday!

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