Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And She's Down for the Count

I woke up early to work out with my trainer today. I ate breakfast, got to the gym, ran for a mile to warm up and was all ready to go. We began with step ups on the bench, (which are literally one foot on the bench and you step up with the other foot). 15 times, switch legs. Then we did squat shuffles down and back, jumping jacks, rotating planks, crunches and finally kettleball swings. All was well until set three. I guess I was tired but half way through a step up, my ankle went out (I have weak ankles) and down I went... straight onto my tailbone. Can we say, "Ouch?" Not to mention, the sheer embarassment I felt for crashing into the ground during my workout! Anyways, I didn't hurt my back (thank you Lord!) and as I have been icing it today, it seems to be doing better. Anyways, this was the best picture I could come up with to sort of explain my morning. The good news is, it only hurts when I move. :) Sitting, standing, and laying are great, so I am glad I can at least get comfy! I am doing some light cardio on Thursday as luckily tomorrow was my off day anyways! I hope this does not deture my progress, as I still really want to get as close to 35 pounds as possible. Wish me luck!

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Sharp-Skills said...

You are a good writer. Keep it up Jess.