Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 10

A picture of the person you do the most messed up things with...

First please notice our outfits. They are like the same and opposite. I love it. We do this all the time... without planning it... here's another :)

Okay... hideous picture of me, but you get the point. This girl and I LIVED IT UP during college and for a couple years after. :) While we still have fun, we toned down the crazy... we are in our "late 20's" now after all. Anyways... here's the dirt.

Marissa has been with me to get my crap back from an ex's mom's house, she had my back when an ex wouldn't leave me alone, she has gone to random places with random guys we met (sorry mom!) and basically she is just always down for ANYTHING. We always managed to stay out of trouble though... somehow. :) We've hung out with the firemen from the calendar, skinny dipped on a rooftop apartment and done more jeggar bombs than one should. And through it all we had each others back and develeped an amazing, never ending friendship. I love this girl and am always down to do "messed up" or normal things with her. :)

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