Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 24

Okay... so some of these things are so close together I think the author got lazy. But, because I am crazy obsessive and have to finish something I start (especially if other's are watching... (a new therapy sesh perhaps?) I have to keep going.

A Picture of something you wish you could change...

Now, before you all think I am super greedy, let me explain. I do not just want more money I want to be good with money. I took out a couple credit cards in college and I am still working my booty off to pay them off. I am currently down to 3. (Okay, so I underexagerated above, I didn't just have a couple I had 7 at my max!) AHHHHHH, I know! What was I thinking? Well, I was thinking I was way too superficial and had to have the perfect clothes all the time. Seven jeans, true religion, I say no but they keep givin'. Although, unlike the song, mine weren't free. I have a fabulous closet to show for it, but since I put on a few pounds most don't fit anymore. :( Anyways, the post says something I wish I could change and change I am. I have paid off 4 and am paying off the final ones now. I'm also doing this crazy little thing called a savings, so when I have an "emergency" -which my definition of this has changed: need new tires=real emergency, need a new outfit, while it may seem like a fashion emergency, it is not - I now pay for these items with savings and not a credit card. Working for a bankruptcy and foreclosure law firm has changed my perspective on this as well. So, I want to change (and am changing) the way I manage my money. This is also something I hid for a long time because I was ashamed. I have learned the more I talk about it now, the more I force myself to think about if I should really spend my money in a certain way. My close friends help too, because they talk me through things (I am blessed to have two excellent money managing friends-Natalie and Nicole- thanks for your help! I would be even more broke as a joke without you!)

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