Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 14

Picture of Someone you can't picture your life without... It would have to be Erin... my amazing cousin :) 4th of July in LA!

Yay for the sun and beach... her skin is a little more adjusted than my Seattle whiteness :)

Coffee on the pier here in Seattle

Chillin' in front of the London bridge

Lookin' pretty in Trafalgar square

Having drinks in London at ages 19 and 20, yay! :)

Sittin' pretty at Capernwray (the school we went to in England)

My favorite pic and one that truly speaks of the fun you will always have with Erin... us posing as the statue above... yes, I was the horse. :) And her sweatshirt placement is right on for what she was... :)

I love this girl to death. My life would have been a million times less fun and meaningful without her, and I am so happy she is a part of it! Love you Airs!

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