Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 30

Can I just say how glad I am this is over. I'm not gonna lie, I have totally judged people for not finishing these things before. I mean really, how hard is it? Let me tell you it is hard! By day 20 I was like for the love of God am I done? And I could have been. But no. I am WAY too stubborn. I HAD to finish it or it would keep me up at night, seriously, I have a hard times letting things go. I will never judge anyone for not finishing one of these stupid things again. I will be impressed if you even start. I'm not gonna lie I did like to read other's 15 facts, let's just do that every six months or so, because that part was cool. Anyways, as my friend Natalie pointed out, this did serve a purpose. I have been enlightened in how hard these are to finish and will have one less thing to judge others about. C'mon you know you judge others every now and then too, it's just hard not to! :)

And with that... I present... a picture of someone you miss...

It was too hard to pick from my real friends cause I miss so many of them because they live all over. I miss these kids. I know I can see some of them around on TV (Lauren on the Hill's reruns and a supposed new show, Kristin on random shows ex: The Middle a couple months ago and cheering on her man at a Bear's game, Jessica getting married and having to talk about it on a Hill's after show, Jason's face on E! talking about how he's been arrested again, and of course Stephen's on One Tree Hill)... but I miss them all together. I am not ashamed. I freakin' loved this show. They are all so annoyingly pretty and skinny I love them and hate them at the same time. And when they talked about nothing for hours... or how Stephen and Kristin were fighting and getting back together again! Oh man... I miss it. It's lame I know... but I miss them all.

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