Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 11

A Picture of Something you hate... I had to do three things. Food, medical, and everyday life :) I hate beets. My mom used to make me eat "at least one" of these as a kid. It is the only thing she ever really forced me to eat. I still think they are just the WORST vegetable ever!!!

I cannot stand IV's. I've literally freaked out and cried hysterically when I had to get one one time. A little dramatic I know. But, during the first surgery on my feet as I kid I woke up and had EXTREME pain in my hand where the IV was. Then I heard the nurse say, "Whoops, looks like we only got it halfway in your vein there!" Freaked me out and I still have a fear of having them put in and taken out. Just give me a shot to knock me out and then put it in. :)

This is the best pick I could find of this hate. Intolerance. I hate it. I hate racism. I hate any sort of dislike for a person just because of how they look, who they decide to love, where they are from, etc. If someone is mean, don't like them. But get to know someone before you decide not to like them. I just don't see any reason to just dislike someone for superficial reasons. And I truly hate it when people are intolerant of other people's views, looks, etc. That's all...

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