Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 27

See what I mean? These are all way too alike! (Unless your important thing is not family, but mine was.)

A picture of you and a family member. I've written so much about my mom, my dad, my cousin, I had to pick someone new.

Okay, so this is a beyond horrible pic of me... bad face day... clearly the Wisconsin humidity wrecked my face this weekend and I'm sorry, what is up with my boobs in this pic? But it is the only one I could find of the two of us. (Next time I see her I will have to remedy this!!!)

This is my Aunt Dorothy. She is amaze-balls! She married my uncle Jeff when he was about 40 something and we had all assumed he would be a bachelor for life. She could not fit into our family better. (And since we are all crazy, I'm not sure that's a complement but oh well. Haha, it is.) I can talk to her like a sister, but she gives advise like an adult in a way non judgmental way. I wish she had kids, because she would have been a great mom. But she teaches college English, so all those students get to benefit from her amazing-ness! She loves my uncle to death and is just perfect for him. He's a hunter, and said he knew she was "the one" when he gutted a deer in front of her and she didn't flinch. I would never pass that test. Anyways, I love her. I love her humor, her view of life and the fact that they lived in a town in Montana with NO CELL SERVICE until the last year and thought it was great. So not my life! And, she loves tennis, which is the only sport I can play well, so she won me over with that too! I am so lucky she is part of my family and am so grateful she and Jeff found each other.

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