Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 18

A Picture of your biggest insecurity...

Okay, this is the most discusting picture I could find and it's clearly not me. Anybody who knows me know I struggle with my weight. I can blame it on genetics, having no time, my thyroid, the list goes on, but the truth is I just struggle to be consistent. I've gone a good 6 months being good, eating right, working out, then I fall right back into old habits and the weight comes back on. And, boy does my body sure pack on the pounds quickly. I hate that I care so much and I hate that this is a struggle for me. But, alas it is, so maybe putting it out there will make me get my ass in gear and hit the gym... (this after I posted about eating cheeze its in my last post, haha!)

***Disclaimer... I had to edit that pic because it was grossing me out! I should put it on my fridge because it makes me never want to eat!!***

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